Tag sales are tiring and it hasn’t even started yet!

Wow, do we have a lot of stuff. I’ve been working all morning to get everything ready for the tag sale. We started putting stuff in the garage on Wednesday night. My husband brought up a bunch more stuff last night. I’ve been working all morning to dust everything off and hang up all the clothing (over 100 pieces of clothing). We’ve got tons of books, 1000’s of comic books from before my husband and I got together, some DVD’s, VHS tapes and all sorts of household items. I’ve been running through the house with a laundry basket grabbing more stuff to put out.

I’ve put my ad on Craig’s List. My neighbor who is also selling stuff made all of our signs. They are on bright posterboard which she mounted on cardboard. The lettering is huge and very clear. My husband and I will put up the signs after he gets home from work.

I want to thank everyone for all the awesome tips on the blog and facebook. I’ll give you an update tomorrow to let you know how much we raised.

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