I’m awake…mostly

So I sat and looked at that title for about 30 seconds because my brain is not fully functional yet. Wait for it…. nope, still waiting for it to turn on. Well, I’ll just write without it today.

Yesterday morning was a great morning. I got a lot accomplished. I got to school early, got my prep finished for my classes, got a lot of my homework done for my Calculus class, and even discussed the 5am routine with some of my students. Things were going great. I started getting a bit tired in the afternoon but was looking forward to getting home and getting a few more things punched out of my to-do-list.

Then all hell broke loose. Have you ever had one of those days where you hit a mental and emotional brick wall? Yesterday, about dinner time, I got some news that made me hit one of those walls. After that, my sense of productivity was gone. I struggled through the rest of my homework, in between calls from family and other miscellaneous phone calls. I finally gave up on the homework and got into bed at 8:50. My husband was in bed watching TV and I struggled to go to sleep. About 9:30, he decided to shut off the TV and try to sleep without it. I soon started to drift off. Then we heard one of our cats crying. He somehow got locked in one of the other bedrooms. My husband got out of bed to get the cat out of the other room. We tried going back to sleep but it took awhile.

As the voices of fear started crawling around in my head as I tried to fall asleep, telling me there was no way I could be a morning person, let alone a 5am morning person, I pictured my to-do-list. I had finished almost everything on my to-do-list that day because I had woken up early. Had I not woken up early, I would have stayed up a lot later at a time in which my brain had checked out for the evening. Who knows how late I would have stayed up trying to get it all done. The visual to do list really helped me to see what I had gotten accomplished.

When my alarm went off at 5am this morning, on a very chilly fall morning when the sun was not yet up, it was so tempting to hit the snooze. But I didn’t. I thought about today’s to-do-list and got out of bed.

After writing for 18 minutes, my brain has decided to join me so I think it’s time to get on with the rest of my day. It’s time to start.

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