Why we reconcile

So this evening I couldn’t sleep. What to do… I could knit, watch a movie, play a game. Nope, I’ll balance my checkbook. Yes, I know very exciting right? Well, actually, it kinda was. I downloaded all my transactions into QuickBooks for the past month and I remembered something.

For my birthday, I just wanted a quiet evening. So we ordered wings and Jeff picked them up. I’ve become addicted to boneless buffalo wings as of late but to save money, we’ll order them and pick them up. No drinks, no tipping and life is good. Well, except for the order to celebrate my 30th birthday. Jeff came home with a bag that did not appear large enough to be our order. It wasn’t. They weren’t even boneless wings. So my lovely husband got back in the car and drove across town to get our order. I called while he was heading over there and apparently there were two Kristin’s that night (from now on when they ask for a name, it’s klingtocash). They swapped the orders and gave us a 25% discount. Very good deal, dear Jeffery except for one catch. They didn’t refund the first order we paid for. So now my $22 order, which was discounted to $16 actually cost us almost $30 because we were not refunded for the first order.

How do I know this? Because I reconciled my checkbook. I beg you that even if you don’t reconcile your checkbook, that you at least look at all your transactions and take a trip down memory lane. You never know what you might turn up. Tomorrow morning I’ll be calling the wings place to very calmly and sweetly pitch a bitch fit. I think I might need some free food out of the deal. We’ll see how it goes.

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