Why we don’t fight about money

A few minutes ago, my husband walked into the room with an very innocent look on his face. I knew he was up to something. My husband is a very creative person. He’s a web designer, programmer, writer, actor, story teller and has even designed his own language. That creativity sometimes leads to very odd requests. Today he asked me if he could buy a piece of software that will take some maps he has created and make a globe out of them that he can import into Google Maps and does all sorts of other crazy things that only he would need a piece of software to do. The more he explained this the more worried I got. This was sounding like a very expensive request. He then mentioned that the software was on sale and it was…. $32.

Yup, $32. I started to laugh. I told him, yes he could have the software. Now I know couples that buy cars and very expensive electronics without consulting each other. Here was my husband asking if it was ok if he spent $32. At this point, we both have good jobs and have great cash flow. We are still cheap, which allows us to get $32 globe making software. It wasn’t so much that he was asking for my permission, but he wanted to let me know what he wanted to do to make sure there was money in the budget for it.

This is why we don’t fight about money. We consult each other before making purchases that aren’t routine. We value each other’s opinions and we celebrate our money wins. Even though we don’t have to consult each other because money isn’t tight anymore, we still do. I love that about us.

Jeff just came back in the room and wanted me to make very clear that he found a coupon for his purchase which saved him 20% off the cost of the software. I’ve trained him well!

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