These are a few of my favorite apps

I love my droid smartphone. During the power outage, it was my lifeline to the outside world. On a normal day, it keeps me connected to my email, deals and the news. I’ve discovered a number of apps that I think are just wonderful. Here’s a short list:

  1. The WordPress App – I used this to update my blog during the power outage. It’s easy to use, allowing you to update posts and review comments. It works for and self-hosted blogs.
  2. The Groupon App – I’m a huge fan of It’s saved me a ton of money on restaurants, entertainment and services. The app notifies me whenever there is a new deal in my area and I can switch areas when traveling.
  3. The Priceline App – While it does not have all the features of, you can use it to search areas and name your own price. This is how I got a villa at The Spa at Norwich Inn for $79 (the price on their website is $230 a night). It was quick and easy to use and saved me a ton of money when the power went out.
  4. The INGDirect App – I use this to check on my savings accounts. I can transfer funds easily, from both internal and external accounts.
  5. The Shopkick App – I can earn points from checking in or scanning items at stores in my area. There are also exclusive deals and sales just for Shopick subscribers. The app includes deals from Macys, Best Buy, American Eagle, Target, Crate and Barrel and many other stores. This app has saved me a lot of money.
  6. The Aldi App – Lists store locations and store sales each week. Includes a shopping list feature also.
  7. The Bloomberg App – Great app for getting stock information and business news. I can get stock, currency, commodity and futures market quotes from all over the world. If you have a stock junkie, this is the app for you.
All of these apps are free and are available for both iPhone and Android. Are there any apps you can’t live without?

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