There’s an app for that?

I don’t have much of a blog post put together today because I’ve been working on a presentation I’m giving for the Suffield Chamber of Commerce this afternoon. I’ll be discussing Quickbooks for new users and taking questions about the product. I love doing presentations like this because I get to teach people something new.

So in lieu of a real post, I’ve been playing around with apps for the phone of awesomeness. I swear there is an app for everything. There are apps for home improvement ideas, grocery lists, mileage tracking, a flashlight, coupons, movie times, news. You name it, there is probably an app for that. Most likely, that app is also free.

Today I downloaded an app for my grocery list. I figure I keep the phone on me all the time so I might as well put my grocery list on there. It even uses speech recognition so I don’t have to type everything out.

I think I might be addicted to apps. Are you? What’s the strangest one you’ve downloaded? What’s the best one?

Strangest one I’ve downloaded so far would probably be flashlight app which turns your camera light into a flashlight. The best one is probably Drudge Easy since I’m addicted to news.

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