The Challenge Dilemma

Those of you that follow the blog know that I like to purchase food when it’s on sale so I don’t have to pay full price for an item when I need it. Now I have a huge dilemma. As you know, Jeff and I are in the middle of the SNAP Challenge, which we are supposed to be doing for the month of October. Forget the fact that we realized today that we have at least four food related events this month, one of which is tomorrow.

I was just looking at the sale fliers for this week and realized that one of the grocery stores that I normally do most of my shopping at is having a stock up sale this week. One of the items on sale is olive oil, which I always stock up on when it’s $4.99 a bottle ($3 off). I usually buy 3 or 4 bottles which will last me 5 or 6 months until they go on sale again. The other item on sale that I really want to get is whole filet for $6.99 a lb. Is this a luxury? Of course it is. Does it save me a ton of money? Absolutely. I can make a great steak dinner at home for about $12, with potatoes and salad. This same dinner at a steakhouse would cost us at least $60 with tip.

Purchasing these two items would probably take up the rest of my grocery budget for the month. Purchasing these items would also keep us in olive oil and steak for the next 5 or 6 months. Do I throw up my hands and admit defeat in the challenge? There is no way I’m going to get through the month with all of the food related events we have this month. Do I purchase the items and put them away for next month without effecting my SNAP challenge budget? Do I purchase the olive oil, take the money out of my budget and see how long I can go?

At the very least I need to get the olive oil. My husband looked like he was going to cry when I told him whole filet was on sale this week. It’s his favorite steak and he doesn’t get it very often unless I can make it at home. He said the hardest thing about this is having the money and not being able to spend it. The hardest thing for me is seeing stock up sales and not being able to take advantage of them. The reason that I can normally spend so little on groceries is because I buy things when they are on sale, not when I need them. The Challenge has turned that on it’s head.

The sale runs until Tuesday. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Try to prove a point or plan for the future. We’ll see.

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