My favorite kitchen gear: My Kitchenaid mixer

I know what your thinking. Kristin, how is a $200 mixer a frugal purchase? Well, just this week it saved me about $75.

My husband and I love pizza. Seriously, love pizza. I’ve made it three times in the past week. Yes, I know it’s not the greatest thing for you. I have been eating salads with my pizza if that makes you feel better. The best thing about making pizza at home is that it is  cheap. It costs me about $3 to make. This week, I already had everything in the house to make pizza so there were no additional expenditures. I’m just using up stuff I already had.

I don’t know how things are in your  neck of the woods, but pizza here is kinda expensive. If we have pizza delivered it usually costs about $25 after you’ve tipped the driver. This week, I made pizza three times which saved us roughly $75. That’s almost half the mixer.

I also used my mixer this week to make cookies. I use it alot to make bread and biscuits. I use it to mix meatballs and meatloaf, especially in the winter when the meat is cold. I use it to mix pancake batter so it’s not lumpy.

There are also a ton of attachments you can get for it: ice cream maker, meat grinder, pasta maker, slicers and shredders. I don’t own any of the attachments yet but I would love the pasta maker someday. I have one of those manual crank ones and it takes forever.

There are so many uses for the mixer. If it makes it easier to cook and your more likely to make good food for your family at home because of it, I’m all for it. I know I’ve paid for my mixer at least ten times over with all the times I’ve used it.

I’m always looking for new ideas for using products. How do you use your mixer?

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