When you just don’t want to make dinner

To say that last week was a difficult week would be an understatement. We ended up eating out a few times and spending all of our entertainment budget for the month (and we still have a little over two weeks to go). Saturday night, we really wanted to order pizza. We were so tired and neither of us wanted to make dinner. Jeff even offered to use his blow money to order pizza. It was tempting. Really tempting but we didn’t do it.

We both knew the entertainment budget was gone. We did have blow money but I didn’t want to spend it. We had bought a bunch of groceries in the past few days so we had food.

We just didn’t want to make anything. The thought of standing in front of the stove was not at all appealing. I know you’ve had those days. The days when you aren’t sure if your legs would support you to stand in front of the stove to make grilled cheese.

I started to think of all the food I had bought that week. I made a Costco run on Friday night. I had stocked up on a lot of things. I could make hamburgers or hot dogs. My knees ached at the thought. Too tired for hamburgers or hot dogs.

It was getting late and we needed to eat something. We had no cereal in the house, no lunch meat either. I was starting to cave and was about to tell Jeff to order pizza when a light went off in my head.

2014-09-14 17.05.51Frozen meatballs.

I had a  huge bag of frozen meatballs from Costco. I put some in a bowl and thew them in the microwave for a few minutes to defrost them. While they were in the microwave, I poured a jar of sauce in a pan. I sat down as the meatballs mingled with the sauce. Twenty minutes later, we had hot meatballs and sauce, hot dog buns and mozzarella cheese.

Three minutes of effort and we had meatball sandwiches for dinner. They might have been the best meatball sandwiches I’ve ever had. Well, they were the best three minute effort meatball sandwiches I’ve ever had. They were really good, really quick and a hell of a lot less expensive than ordering pizza.

Since we did not order pizza, I made some pizza dough on Sunday. We will have pizza this week.

What do you make when you just don’t want to cook? How do you keep yourself from ordering take-out?

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  • Hello Flecks

    Luckily I’m a human garbage can and will eat almost anything as long as it’s not way expired. Even if it doesn’t make sense to go together, I’ll still eat it.

    I also have to laugh at the thought of your husband offering blow money because food is all that my blow money ever seems to go to! I’m a sucker for food on clearance!

    • We typically spend a lot of our blow money on food but it’s usually a coffee or lunch on a busy day when I can’t get home because I’m booked solid! It was very nice of him to offer his blow money but I didn’t want him to have to spend it that way.

  • Janeen Kilgore

    I over cook as much as I can. I have things I can throw in the crockpot, on the stove or oven and have a hot delicious meal. I took an hour this weekend, and pre-prepared 6 meals, 2 homemade chicken pot pies, 3 steak soups, and 1 chicken and when it’s ready dumpling. I can run hot water over the bag to get it out – and then finish. We are also big on breakfast for dinner when exhausted. I also have an “emergency” stash. So I keep pre-brown beef in the freezer, and the makings for chili, spaghetti, or sloppy joe set aside, so if need be I can make a 5 minute meal just for days like that.

    • I do a lot of crock pot cooking as well and I love keeping precooked ground beef in the freezer. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, I didn’t know what to plan for the day and we were just zapped. I love all your tips though. Great stuff for staying on budget.