Jeff’s Session: Christmas Gifts

The following takes place on December 23rd
from 11pm to 12am
events take place in not so real time
Badum Badum . . . Badum Badum

Inside a Geek Squad van at the Best Buy parking lot. “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH, stop doing that I am an American citizen. I told you everything. You cannot do this to me.”
Sneering at the store employee, “Stop your crying, Chucky. I know the target was here. I know he talked to you. And I am suppose to believe he was just here looking at video games and that is it.”
Chucky begged, “I swear that is all I know.”
The agent shook her head, “I would like to believe you, but we will have to make sure”

BARINnnnng. BARINnnnng. Female agent answers the phone, “This is Kristin.”

“Hello Kristin, it’s Chloe. We have located the target; he is preparing to move the packages”

“WHAT! Where is he?”

“Kristin, it looks like an super secret abandoned nuclear fallout shelter . . . ”

Bleep burp . . . “Sorry Kristin, this is Jack Bauer. I hate to interrupt. I am in the middle of this terrorist thingie in New York. I am going to need Chloe back. I am sorry Kristin; this is a higher priority the you finding out what you got for Christmas, Snoopy Snoop.”

“FINE, Whatever! Chloe, could you forward the screen to my friend Jenny?”

“Yes Kristin and good luck. I am forwarding the information. You should start by going to Union.”

Kristin hops out of the back of the van walks over to her grey Kia Sprectra and peels out of the Best Buy parking lot on her way to Union. Beep … Ber … Eeek … Bup … Ni … cluck … Eeek … Took … Eeek … Took BARINnnnng . . . BARINnnnng

“Hello, Jenny this is Kristin.”

“Kristin, it is very late”

“Jenny, I know it is late. The target is moving and I need you to run ops for me. I also need a clerk picked up with an interrogation package using the double doozie protocol.”

“Fine, I am looking at my screen. The target has just left the super secret abandoned nuclear fallout shelter in Union. Where are you? He just passed a Dunkin’ Donuts.”

“Dunkin’ Donuts, Clever man! There are some many of those in Connecticut if he keeps passing them we can never track him with drones. ”

“Wait, turn around, Kristin! I just saw you passing him at that other Dunkin’ Donuts, the one without the Drive Thru.”

“I am behind him. I don’t think he noticed I just turned really hard into the Dunkin Donuts with the drive thru and bought a coffee. I think my cover is still safe. However, I am several blocks behind him because I needed extra cream.”

“He is making a move past Foxwoods. Only twenty minutes before bingo starts. He is stopping and taking the packages into the Casino . . . Kristin I cannot make out the packages . . . it appears they are already wrapped”

“Darn, You need to run the credit cards and interrogate Matt. This is not over yet.”

Badum Badum . . . Badum Badum

NOTE FROM KRISTIN: Let me be clear that I was asleep while this alleged plot was taking place. This is what happens when my husband starts watching too much 24 on Netflix.

Jeff and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

P.S. I’m not a Snoopy Snoop! It’s not my fault that someone used MY Amazon account to purchase presents for me. It’s not my fault that Amazon sends out emails that say “<The Name of Your Item> has been shipped” in the subject.

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