I’m a terrible patient

As I posted the title of this post, my husband looked over at the screen and said “Yup”. Apparently, he believes this for an entirely different reason than I do.

When I’m sick, I’m pretty miserable. I think I get cranky and moody. I tend to sleep a lot when I get sick. I really think it’s my body’s way of healing. It says “Go to sleep, little Kristin, you’ll feel better in a few days.” So that’s what I do.

I don’t tend to get little colds; I get full-blown, can’t function sick. This is the case today. I started coming down with something last Wednesday night and was pretty sick the next day. Last night, things got worse. I had a bunch of appointments today which I dutifully went through and when I got home, I thought I was going to collapse. Actually, I did but luckily I made it to bed first.

Jeff would tell you that I am a terrible patient because I went through my day and did everything I needed to do. I didn’t rest like I should have and now I feel really terrible. He thinks I push myself to hard.

So it looks like tomorrow might be a trip to the doctor since this thing is actually getting worse. With all the sick people around me (friends, college students, etc), I think it might be necessary. Did I mention I also hate going to the doctor? That is for another post on another day. Time for more sleep.

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