I didn’t do it


I came home last night to a strange feeling. It wasn’t cold in the house. It was way too cold outside to be warm in the house. I could actually feel my hands and feet. My husband noticed the perplexed look on my face and said “I turned on the heat.” HE was cold. If you know my husband, you know that he is always hot. He doesn’t get cold EVER… until yesterday. So he turned on the heat, not much mind you. He set it at 58. When I started to complain about the heat being on, Jeff warned me that if we didn’t turn it on soon, we might risk freezing the pipes. I pouted.

It’s only October 14th. We can’t have the heat on yet. I haven’t even gotten a normal electric bill yet. By normal, I mean a bill that does not have any air conditioning usage on it. And now I’m turning on the heat. The weather in New England, and apparently across the rest of the country, has been very strange this year. The summer was not wicked hot, but warm and humid enough to need more air conditioning than I was happy with. There was very little fall transition and now it’s cold.

Time to reprogram the thermostat for winter. I’m completely not ready for this yet.

So what do you set your thermostat at? I usually have mine at 55-58 at night and 58-62 during the day if I’m home. Most people think that’s pretty cold, but if I’m working in my office, I use a space heater rather than warming the entire house.

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