Great way to save on groceries

Just get sick for a week. While you’re at it, make sure you get your significant other sick as well. I think we’ve eaten about $10 worth of food all week.

And now for an actual good way to save on groceries. If you leave near a Big Y grocery store, check out the silver savings card. For $20, you get unlimited silver coin deals for a year. If you sign up now, you get two free gold coins. The card can be used at Big Y and any place that accepts Big Y coins, like gas stations and local attractions. I know you might think it’s not worth the risk, but Big Y has made sure it is worth the risk. If you don’t save at least $20, you’ll get double your money back. It’s a win-win. In two weeks of having the card, I’ve already saved half the price of it. I’m saving up my gold coins to use at the gas station so I can get 20 cents off per gallon next time I fill up.

Are you willing to pay for loyalty cards or rewards cards?

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