Falling off the SNAP Challenge bandwagon

Things were going really well with the Challenge at the beginning of the week. Tuesday I stopped at Stew Leonards to pick up a head of lettuce, a red pepper, butter and milk. I spent 7.97 leaving me with 79.20. That’s when things started to fall apart. Wednesday, I wasn’t feeling well so I had a bowl of cereal for dinner and Jeff had hamburgers from the freezer (not included in “purchases”). The hamburgers cost 1.13, which wasn’t bad.

Thursday, I forgot my lunch and had a meeting right after work. I had a headache and had some medication to take. I picked up some Burger King for 7.09 for lunch. That evening I arrived at my meeting where they served sandwiches and cookies. I figured about 5.00 per person for the food. Jeff has hamburgers again at home, another 1.13. By the end of Thursday, we were down to 64.85.

Friday was worse. I was running errands all day and visiting clients, no lunch with me of course. Again, medicine to take so I got a pocket at D’Angelos and a coke for 7.95. Not the most cost effective lunch but it was a chicken pocket with lots of veggies so it was healthy. After lunch, I went to Aldi to purchase things I needed to make chocolate peanut butter bars to mail to the troops. Every month a group of volunteers mail boxes to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with ties to Windsor. Last month I volunteered to make baked goods for this month’s mailing. I spent 4.58, which wasn’t bad at all. I already had peanut butter and butter at home so that helped. Friday night I was going to dinner with the girls. We get together once every few months and there was no way I was going to miss this. I spent 34.00 for dinner and dessert (we went to one place for dinner and another for dessert!). Jeff decided that since we had completely fallen off at this point that we was going to get pizza. A small pizza and a two litter of soda was 12.00. By the end of Friday, we only had 6.32 left. Did I mention we also had breakfast out on Saturday after packing boxes for troops? Oh yeah, we are completely over budget. Did I also mention that I had another meeting last night where the host bought us pizza? Yeah, I’m way over budget.

So we went about $20 over budget after only two weeks. Being sick part of the week and all the events we had completely threw us off.  So as of today, we spent about $252 but of that total, over $57 was from my pantry, so I only spent $195 on food (including almost $50 for dinners on Friday night) and I still have a ton of food left over in the house. I still have chicken and ground beef purchased from week one that I put in the freezer, plus ham, eggs, cheese and potatoes.

So I’m going to see if I can make it through the rest of the month with little shopping. I’m working on the meal plan for this week. I’m sure there will be a lot of things that were on last week’s menu that we never got to. Next week is also a very busy week with meetings Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night. Friday we are having dinner with friends and Saturday we have a birthday party. Have I mentioned we have insane schedules?

Looks like the meal plan will be a lot easier than I thought next week. Excellent.

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