Can I justify a tablet?

For the past few months, I have been contemplating a tablet computer. I have looked at them, played with them and talked to other people who use them. I have done research on different models to see what they can do. Now, Jeff has decided that he wants to get me one for Christmas… I am torn.

There are a lot of things I could do with a tablet that would make my life so much easier. It would be extremely helpful for bringing documents to meetings and taking notes with clients and in board meetings. It would allow me to get many of my magazines in digital format, clearing up a lot of clutter in my house. I could use it to write notes for my classes and bring the tablet to class when I teach. It would also be much easier to use than the laptop for storing and using recipes. I could even see myself writing blog posts and working on my novel (yes, I’m writing a novel) while waiting for appointments. There are certainly a lot of uses for a tablet that make it much more convenient that carrying a laptop around with me. Plus, I have a bad back and am not supposed to carry my laptop around with me.

There is also one huge con… the price. The tablet pictured above is a Samsung Galaxy which will cost me about $500. My other issue is that I always get the new technology in the house. Poor Jeff gets my hand-me-downs. When we get a new computer, it’s generally for my business and Jeff gets the old one. It would be nice for him to get the new toy productivity device for once. He has stated that I am the wife and I should get the new toy productivity device (he’s such a good husband).

It’s not that we don’t have the money. We actually saved up a bunch of money for vacation but due to our busy schedules, we aren’t going to be able to go. We’ll still have money left in the fund. It’s just the idea of spending that much money. I’m terrible about big purchases for myself. I was willing to drop $450 on a leather coat for Jeff (luckily we found one for 70% off that price), but I would never dream of spending that kind of money on myself.

Jeff has given me a week to decide if I really don’t want the tablet. I could use any and all advice on this one. I’m out of my frugal comfort zone. HELP! Also, if you have a tablet let me know what you think of it. Was it worth the money? How has it made your life easier?

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