What is important to you?

I’m currently reading Larry Winget’s You’re Broke Because You Want to Be. If you can get past the fact that he is constantly insulting people for not working hard enough or for being “stupid”, there are a few interesting thoughts in the book. Here is the one I’d like you to think about today:

What is important to you?

Take a minute to write down what is really important in your life. Come on, just take a few minutes before you keep reading. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Now, take out your credit card statements, bank statements and receipts for the past few months. Look at what you are spending your money on. Make a list of what you spend your money on. Do the two lists agree? If you wrote down that family and financial security are important to you, but you spend lots of money on gadgets, fast food, clothes, etc, your spending is not reflecting those values. Try to make an effort for the next 30 days to see if you can get those two lists more aligned. If you need help, put a sticky note on your debit card with your values on it and every time you go to spend money on something that might not necessarily match up with that sticky note, you might take a second to think if this purchase is right for you.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are financially secure, have savings, no debt and have that extra money to blow then go right ahead and spend it. However, I know very few people who are in that place, including myself. My sticky note is ready for the wallet.

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