Because sometimes you just need a coffee

This morning I woke up later than usual. I was up late last night reading, doing laundry and dishes. I wanted to write a blog post and do a few things for my other site but housework was tugging at me. I packed up my Chromebook and am currently writing this post at Starbucks.

I have three hours to be creative before I must go to work. I could have stayed home and been distracted by counters that need to be wiped down, laundry that needs to be done and odd job phone calls that need to be made. Instead, I am enjoying my skinny soy caramel macchiato and writing this post.

Why you need blow money in your budget

This is why everyone needs a little blow money.

Whatever you want to call it (blow money, mad money, fun money), every budget needs a bit of it. This isn’t lunch money if you eat out everyday. This isn’t entertainment money. This is “I want an occasional coffee while I’m writing” money. This is “I want to meet a friend for lunch” money.

Jeff and I each get $50 per month to spend on whatever we wish. I usually spend mine on coffee, Costco frozen yogurt (wow that stuff is good), the occasional lunch, and books. Fifty dollars might not sounds like a lot but most months, we don’t even spend it all. That $50 saves my sanity, too.

Before we allowed ourselves some blow money in the budget, we would have a few good months and then fall off the budgeting bandwagon. A DVD would turn into other purchases and snowball out of control. We felt like we were deprived because there was no room to purchase a pack of gum. That deprivation led to rebellion and later regret. We would retighten our belts only to fall again.

Blow money made all the difference. We each had a little bit of money to play with, to do whatever we wanted with. Since we started allocating blow money, we have not fallen off the wagon. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had months with emergencies, but we haven’t broken our budget with wants. We no longer feel deprived.

If you are having trouble staying on budget, try adding some blow money to your budget. It just might bring you peace and get you back on track.

Do you work blow money into your budget? How has it helped you stay on budget?

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  • I agree…you need to have a little fun money. It’s about finding a little balance in your life enjoying a special treat here and there. Latte’s are definitely in my ‘fun money’ budget.

    • Lattes are my favorite part of the fun money budget, especially when I’m heading to my 7:30 PM class after teaching an 8:00 AM that morning.

  • We aren’t good at this. We’ve been on a very strict budget for 7 years and to this day we don’t have a “fun money” budget. At the same time, we don’t think we need one. I wouldn’t recommend it for most people, but our budget is two full pages of spreadsheet. I’ve got a category for everything. The idea of unnamed money actually drives me more nuts than not having “fun” money. I’m weird I know. And, I agree with you.

    • Shelly, I commend your efforts. Two full pages! I like having some money in my pocket that I know is mine to do with as I wish.