October budget

It’s a new month which means it’s time for a new budget. Before the month begins, you should make a budget where you spend all of you income on paper. Give every dollar a purpose before your money decides its own purpose.

Jeff and I just did our budget for October. It’s going to be a lean month. I’m trying to save up money for renewal fees for the firm which are due in December. So here are the cut backs:

  • I slashed the repairs and maintenance budget to zero. If something breaks, that’s what we have the emergency fund for.
  • I cut the eating out budget to zero. If we want to eat out, we have to agree to do it and use our blow money.
  • I cut the grocery budget to $225 (from $250). I think we can make that if I plan well. I’ll need to do a huge menu plan for the month.
  • The debt snowball is a bit smaller this month but we’ll catch up in December when I will be teaching an extra class.

Did you do a budget this month? Are there any great wins? Any disappointments?

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