Have you attended Dave Ramsey’s FPU?

Next week, I’m starting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at my church. It’s a 13-week financial course, two hours per week. I’m sure some of you are thinking Kristin, you’re a CPA. Why are you attending a financial course? I’ve read two of Dave’s books: The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace Revisited. I loved both of them. Jeff and I are currently using Dave’s budget. Plus, there are always new things to learn. I’m still not sold on his cash system (paying for everything with cash, no debit cards). Maybe after the course, I’ll feel differently. I also know some of the couples that are going through the program, so this is like a 13-week support group to get us all jump started.

I am pleased to announce that we paid off our last appliance this week. We purchased all new appliances, one by one, after we moved into our house. They were all old and needed significant repairs. We purchased them all with interest free financing and paid the balances before the 0% period expired. Last night I made the last payment on the washer and dryer. We are also planning to pay off one of our student loans this month. It was a small student loan that I took out my freshman year in order to pay some expenses my other loans didn’t cover. It feels awesome to knock down our debt. I was also able to purchase 2 new computers this month (yes, I said two. That’s a blog topic for another day) with cash and without touching my savings.

I was paying a few bills last night and decided to pay the utility bills and the credit cards so I could determine if we had enough to pay off the student loan. I realized that I could not pay these bills because I had paid them last month as soon as the bills arrived and the new bills have not arrived yet. It feels so good to be that far ahead. I hope you have reached that kind of financial peace. I know we still have a long way to go, but it feels good right now. If you haven’t reached this point, consider picking up one of Dave’s books.

Have you attended FPU? What suggestions do you have for those about to start? Do you need to read Dave’s books before attending? Have you attended other financial workshops that you thought were good?

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