Budgeting for pets

Over the weekend, a friend of mine was talking about getting another cat, but she was worried about paying all those unexpected medical bills that can pop up. Having one pet get unexpectedly ill can have a huge effect on your budget; two pets can put you at a financial hardship. I suggested putting $10 away each month for each pet you own, just in case. We have three cats, so I would put $30 away each month for a total of $360 a year. This pays for their Rabies vaccinations every few years and any other medical bills we might have for them. If something major were to happen to any of our cats, we would have the money to pay for it. If the account gets really high, talk to your vet about the cost of major procedures and cap the amount in the account so it would be enough to cover a major event. Then put the additional money toward debt or another savings goal.

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